The Directorate of Projects Verification and Final Accounts Audit (DPVFA) is responsible mainly for the audit of Overhead and Capital expenditure vouchers and related records; verification of capital projects and examination of the Annual Financial Statements of the State.

The Directorate has two sections, which are-

  • Inspection and Verification Section and
  • Final Accounts Audit Section.

The directorate is headed by a Director and assisted by two (2) Deputy Directors who are the heads of the sections.



Madu Bada Kauji


The functions/schedules of the directorate are the following:-

Inspection and Verification Section

  1. Examination of payment vouchers and related records and or documents in respect of both capital and overhead cost (other charges) expenditure,
  2. Verification of capital projects executed by government through Ministries, Departments and Agencies,

Final Accounts Audit Section

  1. Examination of Annual Financial Statements of the State presented by the Accountant General,
  2. Continuous examination of the State Central Account,
  3. Continuous examination of the State Main Salary Account,
  4. Drafting of Annual Report of the Auditor General.